Homemade doughnuts!

We have a doughnut fiend in this home. His name is Glenn, and he makes doughnuts a daily topic (really, he does).

He has been wanting us to try homemade doughnuts for quite some time now, so we finally gave it a go. We used a Baked Doughnuts recipe from Heidi Swanson of 101 cookbooks (my gateway-to-wholefoods blog). Go here for the recipe, and below are some pics of our foray into doughnut making.


The recipe transcribed from 101 cookbooks

Flour, nutmeg and salt

Flour, nutmeg, and salt

Dough, post-knead, pre-rise

The dough, pre-rise…

Dough, post-rise

Dough, post-rise

Cutting circles

Stamping out circles from rolled dough

Dough, pre-holed

Waiting to be holed

Doughnuts and hole

Glenn used the lid of an empty maple syrup bottle to pop out the holes


We decided to keep the doughnut holes separate and cook them, rather than incorporate them back into the dough

Doughnuts, pre-cook

After leaving the doughnuts to rise for a while longer they had puffed up nicely and were ready for the oven

Doughnuts, cooked

Eight mins in a medium oven and they were done

Holes, cooked

Not so long for the holes… Maybe 4-5 mins



Doughnut holes!

Doughnut holes!

The field

We used rapadura sugar with cinnamon for the tops

Look at that rise!

Oooh, look at that rise

Heidi’s baked doughnuts were definitely a winner. Now it’s time to do some sit-ups.