Udon noodle and tofu stir fry: A slightly unconventional recipe

Hello friends! Here’s a recipe for an udon noodle stir fry which ditches some of the stir fry usual suspects in place of something a bit less conventional to match what’s on offer… Continue reading

Bunya nut choclate cake: A super rich, Australian recipe + how to prepare bunya nuts for eating

In step with the recent discussion of indigenous crops, here’s a recipe for a ridiculously rich bunya nut chocolate cake. This recipe is adapted from the chestnut and chocolate truffle cake recipe from Hugh… Continue reading

Homemade iced coffee

Hello there! I’m really excited to share with you this homemade iced coffee. This is wholly a Glenn project, and it’s just delightful. Both being coffee drinkers (for pleasure and managing a dependence),… Continue reading

Food Resolutions for 2014 part 6: Eat (and Cook) Indigenous Crops

For another installation in the reflections on Food Tank’s food resolutions for 2014, here are some thoughts on eating indigenous foods. 6. Eat (and Cook) Indigenous Crops Food Tank advocate eating (and cooking)… Continue reading

Canned tomatoes: How to make a store cupboard essential at home

Canned tomatoes are a very present cupboard resident in our kitchen. They are adaptable and reliable, and in oh so many recipes. But this reliance on canned tomatoes is a wee bit troubling. Firstly, canned… Continue reading

Citrus season!

Yes! Oh my god, yes – the citrus are back!! In the first week of April – well into the Austral autumn – we received some mandarins and lemonade fruit in our food box.… Continue reading

Autumnal stuffed zucchini: A piquant but comforting recipe

When it’s zucchini season, you know about it. This can be great, as these culinary-vege/botanical-fruit are lovely. In all honesty, though, toward the end of Zucchini Time I struggle for inspiration. I’ve been… Continue reading

Homemade vege stock

Hi there! Something indispensable in my ingredients supply is vegetable stock. Lentils cook in stock, couscous bloats itself in a bowl of stock, and to any number of meals, stock adds depth and… Continue reading

Food resolutions for 2014 part 5: Commit to Resilience in Agriculture

Well hello again, and sorry for being silent from this end for so long. The ‘PhD thing’ I am doing was suddenly pretty demanding for a while there. Continuing on with thoughts on… Continue reading

Yellow Champagne watermelon, mint, and lime ice blocks

The summer heat we have here in the sub-tropical antipodes can be oppressing. Fortunately, there is no shortage of amazing fruit to offer some respite from the heat. In our food box this… Continue reading